I first met Linda, the owner of The Slow Wardrobe, on what was then the Tall Yarns stand at Olympia in 2011, where I was excited to discover what soon became her Layercake clothing line, and made the first of many colourful and practical purchases. Since then I can regularly be found wearing Layercake garments in all aspects of my life, from dyeing in the workshop and selling at shows, to gardening, relaxing with some knitting, or dining out, and was pleased to have discovered a clothing range where the design was both practical and flattering, and the manufacture and aesthetic embodied the ideals of Slow Fashion.

In 2015 I was therefore delighted to be invited to do some guest dyeing, putting colours selected by Linda from the fivemoons range of Solid colours onto the already existing Tall Yarns Trinity Twist and Soliloquy yarn bases. Since that time the number of colours I provide has gradually increased, and with the advent of the checked Layercake fabrics, first in wool tweed and then in linen, I began to dye additional colours designed specifically for Tall Yarns, in order to match or harmonise with the cross-weave linens and checks. 

This collaboration was successful enough that in 2018, when Linda introduced the Tall Yarns Yak Blend 2, it was dyed solely by fivemoons.  In 2019, further exclusive colours were added to complete the Yak Blend 2 range, and in addition, I introduced the fivemoons Chandra Luxe 4ply base, dyed in complementary one-of-a-kind hand-painted multicolours. These two yarns have the same composition and yardage, and work perfectly together.

In addition, with shared ideals it seemed perfect that collaboration between fivemoons and The Slow Wardrobe should deepen.  Since April 2019, the complete range of fivemoons yarns has been available on The Slow Wardrobe website for purchase, and at yarn shows fivemoons can be found sharing stand space with The Slow Wardrobe – come and see us to find out what yarny projects are stuffed into our pockets.

I am looking forward to working with Linda on further creative projects… watch this space!

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